An indie band with a special flavor: sometimes moving, sometimes uplifting, sometimes dark and elusive. With their wayward songs reminiscent of The Doors, Captain Beefheart and Nick Cave, The Valerie Solanas acquired a unique position in the Belgian music scene. Satire is never far away, references to cinema and literature are a staple. Their sound combines elements of jazz, blues and groove with avant-garde and spoken word. After three European tours the band recently toured in the United States and Japan. For their latest album VOODOO GLUE the band was inspired by vampires, Lovecraftian monsters and other fabulous creatures from symbolist literature. To these should be added romance and metropolitan melancholy. The dazzling live drawings by artist Bert Lezy give their shows a special art performance touch. Because of this they are often invited by prestigious museums and art galleries. Welcome to the magical world of The Valerie Solanas!

The Valerie Solanas are:
Michaƫl Brijs: vocals, flute
Tom Tiest: guitar
Filip Vandebril: bass
Diederik Van Remoortere: drums