Breakfast in Brussels #sprouttobebrussels

A couple of years ago we recorded our tribute to surreal Brussels, with its freakish and jagged skyline, where an untameable rich cultural diversity gets entangled with equally untameable monetary and political forces. A curious beast, a beautiful mistress, a little peeing cherubim, Brussels keeps inspiring us.


The Elder Ones

Meet: The Elder Ones, from our new record: Voodoo Glue
A new video by Bert Lezy.

Walking in a Dream

Our new album Voodoo Glue will be officially released on February 2 at the prestigious and beautiful neoclassicist Bourla Theatre in Antwerp (Antwerpse Kleppers Festival). "Walking in a dream" is the first single from this album. 

A sneak peek. Enjoy!

Album Release: <span>Voodoo Glue</span>

Album Release: Voodoo Glue

Met hun eigenzinnige songs die doen denken aan zowel The Doors, Captain Beefheart als Nick Cave, wist de Antwerpse band The Valerie Solanas een unieke stem te verwerven in het Belgische muzieklandscha ...

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Night People Video

artwork and graphics: Bert Lezyshot, animated and directed by Niel Van den Eedeproducer/ management: Saskia LiénardSound: Geert Vanbever 'Ghosttown'special thanks to Ine Bettens, Sofie Legon, SKaGeN ...

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